"Get high without drugs"!

A sport filled with adrenaline!

Have you ever dreamed of falling from a skyscraper? How about ten times in a row while being awake?


What is Kiiking?


The sport full of adrenaline

Have you ever seen a dream, where you are falling from the skyscraper? How will it feel, if it happens 10 times in a row and you are awake?

Amusing entertainment for the whole family

Kiiking makes possible to observe the landscape design by bird’s eye view and to determine the chimney sweeping intervals.

Efficient  universal physical training

„The physical effort aiming the record is equal to the run up to the 10 th floor having 100 kg sandbag on your back.“ Andrus Aasamäe

Attractive magnet on the outdoor events

By ordering Kiiking to your event you’ll  get the feeling that you are the local supermarket selling fresh Norwegian salmon 1.99€/kg.