"Get high without drugs"!

A sport filled with adrenaline!

Have you ever dreamed of falling from a skyscraper? How about ten times in a row while being awake?


Invite Kiiking to your event

‘’ We provide the opportunity to make your events more spectacular and exciting!’’

Kiiking swing is an amazing attraction and a fun sport device for leisure , like different entertainment events outdoors and indoors. Kiiking can be compared to a beginner cosmonaut’s learning only the Baikonur Cosmodrome is brought to you. The swings also give the opportunity to hold unofficial competitions at your event. The competition’s character depends on the type of the event.

 We offer two different types of swings: 

  1. Women-children KikiFun (3-4 meters)
  2. Men KikiPro (4-6 meters) 

Based women-children with KikiFun and men with KikiPro. It is more likely for women and children to get over the spindle with the smaller swing (KikiFun).

! You will be instructed by an experienced trainer
! Your safety will be guaranteed by a professional team


Rent 1 swing – the price for renting one swing for a day is 750€

Rent 2 swings – the price for renting two swings for a day is 900€

The regular duration of service is 5 hours.

Additional training hours can be arranged and are agreed upon beforehand. 

The rent price includes transport of the swing inside Estonian continental grounds, the swing’s set-up, the professional team’s service and the taking down of the swing.

On our previous experience we can recommend: it is best to use two swings